Brachytherapy involves placing radiation sources (usually tiny pellets the size of pencil lead) inside and adjacent to a cancer, or inside an area that may contain residual cancer after surgical removal of the visible tumor mass.

HDR Brachytherapy

High-Dose Rate (HDR) brachytherapy is a treatment option for patients with breast cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, lung cancer and sarcoma. This advanced technique allows high dose radiation to be administered internally within a cavity or tissue in the body, as opposed to treatment with an external beam. A radioactive seed is placed in or near the tumor, allowing the radiation to be delivered in a very precise, three dimensional manner while reducing the radiation exposure in the surrounding healthy tissues. Total treatment times are shorter and side effects are minimal.

Breast Brachytherapy Treatment Options

Breast brachytherapy is a 5-day radiation therapy alternative for women with early stage breast cancer. Dr. Robert Kuske, co-founder of Arizona Breast Cancer Specialists (ABCS), is the pioneer of this method of treating breast cancer. To learn more about the history of brachytherapy and Dr. Kuske’s role in pioneering it, click here.

There are many different catheter (plastic tube) systems commercially available for brachytherapy treatment, including:

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