We Take Your Fight With Cancer Personally

Tina’s Treasures Staff

Donna Blau

As a two time cancer survivor, Donna has enjoyed giving back to the community, as well as helping other women facing their journey with breast cancer. Donna first joined Tina’s Treasures as a volunteer in March of 2013. Her career spanned over 30 years in Entertainment Finance and Advertising until she moved to Scottsdale in 2012. The perfect opportunity came up toward the end of last year and Donna began training as a Mastectomy Bra Fitter. She is now a full-time fitter and is thrilled to be part of such a great team.


Alice Greene

Alice is our Boutique Service Representative and works behind the scenes to coordinate the paperwork for each patient’s visit in Tina’s Treasures. Alice started as a volunteer 2006 and was quickly drawn into the mission to support women with cancer. She joined the team to ensure each individual’s overall satisfaction with the Tina’s Treasures experience.


Juliet Miller

Juliet is the Boutique Service Representative in charge of scheduling for Tina’s Treasures. She is the first person most people speak to when calling for an appointment. Originally from Trinidad, Juliet has lived in New York and now Scottsdale. She has spent most of her life in the service industry and enjoys helping people. She began working for Scottsdale Healthcare in 2005 and as a cancer survivor, wanted to be a part of the team that gives so much to survivors.

LeAnn Porter

LeAnn is the Boutique Supervisor. Prior to joining the team in 2012, LeAnn was in department store retail. It was the area of intimate apparel that ignited a passion for helping women truly feel and look their best- a skill that allows her to connect with the women at Tina’s Treasures. She looks to find new and innovative merchandise that can ease the effects of cancer on patients.


Jennifer Richards

Jennifer is the Boutique Coordinator for Tina’s Treasures. She has several years experience in the retail industry including cosmetics, fragrance, and hair care along with bra and prosthesis fitting. Her personal experience in various types of cancer care brings compassion and knowledge for Tina’s Treasures clientele. She has her bachelor's degree in Dietetics (Nutrition) from Arizona State University and is working on her Master's degree in Psychology.


Nada Spadier-Affholter

Nada initially began at Tina's Treasures as a volunteer after she completed treatment for breast cancer. She is a retired RN, MBA and continues to consult physicians on medical group management. As a certified mastectomy fitter, Nada fulfills her desire to assist women through their journey using her personal experience, encouraging and supporting their needs during a very difficult time. She also provides orientation to physicians and their staff highlighting Tina's products and services available to women with breast care needs.

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