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Happy to be Home 

Kelly Froehlich

Kelly FroehlichKelly Froehlich was 43 years old when she was diagnosed with breast cancer at the women’s diagnostic center located in Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center. 

She was accompanied by her five-year-old daughter for what she thought was just another routine mammogram. When it became apparent that radiologist, Dr. John Crowe, was going to tell her she had cancer, the technicians took her daughter to the kid’s care center. She remained there for a while playing with the other kids and having lunch, thankfully unaware that her mother was having an unexpected biopsy and crying through the bad news. 

Kelly said, “I will always be grateful for the wonderful and thoughtful care that was extended to me and my daughter that day. If you’re going to have a diagnosis of cancer, there is no better place to receive it than at the women’s diagnostic center.” 

Twelve days later, Dr. Jeff Van Lier Ribbink, performed bilateral mastectomies. Kelly thought to herself, “In what other organization can you have this horrible cancer removed in only twelve days?” She requested to stay at the Piper Center for the two days following her procedure because of the wonderful care she received the previous year following a hysterectomy. She never once put on her call light. Her every need was anticipated by her nurses. She said that she could never ask for, or dream of, a better place to have surgery. 

Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bryan Gawley revised a previous reconstruction, and today, Kelly is very happy with the results. She had a problem with her body image for a while. She hated the scars and how her clothes just didn’t fit the same anymore. She’s always been in good shape and is working toward getting back to the level of fitness she once enjoyed. But for now, she is grateful to her doctors and the staff of Scottsdale Healthcare, and most importantly, grateful to be alive. 

Her advice to all women is to get regular mammograms. “They can save your life,” Kelly said. “I also highly recommend Scottsdale Healthcare’s Women’s Diagnostic Center, the Piper Surgical Center, and Tina’s Treasures, which is located inside the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center.” 

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