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Participate in a Clinical Trial 


Eligible cancer patients who consent to participate in a cancer clinical trial study will receive treatment coordinated by Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute, located in the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center. The treatment team may include research physicians, research nurses, data managers and community oncologists. 

What to Expect During Your First Consultation

When your physician refers you to the Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute, you will have a consultation that lasts approximately one hour with a research physician who will: 

  • Complete a very detailed history and physical;
  • Study the medical records and X-rays you’ve provided;
  • Determine if you qualify as a candidate for any clinical studies being conducted. 

Prior to Your Appointment

Your benefits and eligibility will be verified with your insurance company, and all co-pays will be collected at the time of your visit. 

Prior to Scheduling a Consultation

Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute needs the following information from your medical records, 

  1. Original pathology report and any subsequent pathology reports
  2. Treatment records - including specific drugs, dosages and dates - both chemo and radiation 
  3. Treating physicians last two dictated office visit notes including detailed history and physical
  4. Report of latest scans/X-rays (bring CD/disc to consultation)
  5. Report of latest lab work.
  6. Insurance information (copies of front and back of card) 
  7. Demographics (full name; address & phone: SS#) 

Once Accepted Into a Study

You will follow a prescribed treatment plan and your community oncologist will continue to be a part of your medical team.

What to bring to your first consultation

So that the physicians at Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute have a complete understanding of your diagnosis, medical history and treatment to date, you will be asked to complete a Health History Questionnaire and bring the following information with you to your first consultation: 

  1. Health History Questionnaire (ENGLISH) - For (SPANISH) version click here
  2. Physician Referral Form
  3. All recent Pet Scans, CT Scans and X-rays on CD
  4. Current insurance card and driver’s license or photo ID
  5. Medications in their original container. This includes all prescriptive, homeopathic (herbal, vitamins, supplements, shakes, etc), and any other over the counter medications.

Contact Us

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us as we will help guide you in the right direction.

Any questions or concerns related to scheduling, insurance or necessary paperwork? Please contact our Front Office Coordinator at 480-323-1350.  Please note our clinic is closed at noon on Fridays.


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For additional information about clinical trials available, contact our Oncology Nurse Navigators at 480-323-1339 (call toll free 1-877-273-3713), or e-mail