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Cancer Clinical Trials - A Destination for Cancer Treatment Innovations

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Hope for Today, Innovation for Tomorrow

Major advancements have been made in the fight against cancer, offering more hope than ever before. These breakthroughs are made possible by the patients who have participated in clinical trials to evaluate new drugs for treating cancer. Clinical trials provide valuable information to help us better understand the disease and how to treat it. The Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center at Scottsdale Healthcare offers patients with cancer access to clinical trials that study the effects of new, investigational treatments in a state-of-the-art setting. We have become a destination for patients from all over the country and the world who are in search of innovative new therapies.

World-Class Collaboration

Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center Clinical Trials is a partnership between Scottsdale Healthcare, a leading Arizona-based nonprofit health provider, and the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), a leader in developing treatments for complex diseases by studying their genetics. Through this partnership, our patients have the opportunity to participate in clinical studies of new targeted cancer treatments. Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center Clinical Trials offers more Phase I clinical trials than any other cancer center in Arizona, and we are often the first site in the world to evaluate a new therapy in a Phase I trial.

Participating in a Cancer Clinical Trial

To help you decide if you should participate in a clinical trial, here is some information you should understand:

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Eligibility for Cancer Clinical Trials

Eligible patients who consent to participate in a clinical trial will receive cancer treatment from physician scientists from Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center Clinical Trials, with support from the Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute, also located in the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center. The treatment team may include research physicians, research nurses, data managers and community oncologists. 

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For additional information about clinical trials available through Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center Clinical Trials, contact our Oncology Nurse Navigators at 480-323-1339 (toll free: 1-877-273-3713), or e-mail