Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery at Scottsdale Healthcare

Laparoscopic Adjustable

The adjustable gastric band has been used outside the US for many years and was approved by the FDA in 2001. Outside the US, it is the most commonly performed weight-loss procedure.

How Gastric Band Surgery Works

The procedure creates a smaller stomach pouch thanks to a silastic band placed around the stomach. The band can be adjusted to limit or increase food intake and creates a sense of being full after eating a small amount of food.

Weight loss with adjustable gastric band is gradual and increases over time. Among its benefits are the ability to reverse the procedure, a shorter hospital stay and a lower risk profile for surgery.

It is ideal for patients who are highly motivated to succeed at weight loss. An Australian study showed that on average, patients lose 56% of their excess weight and keep it off.

More Information on Gastric Band Surgery in Scottsdale / Phoenix, AZ

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