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Relaxation Audio Files


Relax for Improved Well-Being 

Research has shown relaxation prior to surgery has decreased pain medications, improved healing, and gives the individual a feeling of well-being, possibly shortening recovery time. 

In today's society, the mere thought of relaxation can be stressful. There is limited time in our busy days to obtain the traditional relaxing therapies such as massage or meditation. Often when we do try to “relax” we tend to make mental lists of all of the things we need to do. The body needs a break from the stresses of day-to-day life. Relaxation can be uniquely tailored to the individual. It can be meditation, taking a hot bath, listening to music, reading a book, or playing with your dog. The goal is to refresh your body and mind. This is especially important when preparing for a stressful event such as surgery. 

Why Does Our Body Need Relaxation? 

Stress hormones suppress the immune response, which can slow down recovery from any illness or surgery. Relaxation allows the immune system to recover and to function more efficiently. Maintaining a relaxed state can help lower blood pressure and slow the rate of breathing, reducing the need for oxygen and increasing blood flow to the muscles. Relaxation promotes restful sleep, increases energy, increases immune function and enhances overall well-being. Stress is an understandable side effect when making great changes in your body, mind and lifestyle. These soothing music tracks are offered as a tool for your relaxation toolkit.

Relaxation Audio Files

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