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Now the World is My Oyster

Amber Taylor

Amber TaylorI am an Arizona native and obesity runs very heavily in my family. I was able to keep my weight under control until I was about 25 years old. After having my daughter, I gained approximately 85 pounds within the first year. I was eating the same as I always had and diet and exercise were not helping.

My doctor told me I had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), which can cause thyroid issues, weight gain, hormone changes and vision problems. It was such a relief when she told me this, as those were all issues I had been struggling with. My doctor thought gastric bypass would be a good option for managing weight and the symptoms associated with PCOS.

Feeling that I was too young to be overweight and not able to enjoy and live life with my daughter to the fullest, I had gastric bypass surgery with Dr. Blackstone. I weighed 276 pounds at the time and have lost 135 pounds.

Many people view gastric bypass or weight-loss surgery as an easy way out. The process is far from easy and takes a very serious commitment. For me, it was getting the ship back on track, and a life-long commitment.

For anyone thinking of having gastric bypass surgery, I would tell you that you need to take it seriously and understand it’s for life. The pre-process is very informative, with the team of experts that walk you through everything before surgery so you fully understand what you are doing. If committed to it, you will be successful and it will be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

After going through this process I have discovered not only what I am capable of, but how much more I want to accomplish. The world is my oyster.

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