Student and On-Site Instructor Health & Safety Requirements 

Please note: If you are a medical student, a PA student, or a post-Baccalaureate nursing student, please contact Graduate Medical Education for further direction. A Graduate Medical Education representative may be reached at 480-323-3776. 

On-site clinical program faculty and students shall be required to comply with the health standards applied to hospital employees. Pre-clinical requirements for immunizations, certifications, TB screening, substance abuse testing, and fingerprint clearance cards for clinical program faculty (on-site) and students shall be in keeping with the policies applicable to employees. This includes the following: 

A) Proof of immunity by documentation of one of the following for each disease: 


a) documentation of two live doses of vaccine (given at least 28 days apart) and given on or after the student's first birthday 

b) lab titer indicating immunity 

c) birth before 1957 


a) documentation of two live doses of vaccine (given at least 28 days apart) and given on or after the student's first birthday 

b) lab titer indicating immunity 

c) birth before 1957 


a) documentation of two live doses of vaccine (given at least 28 days apart) and given on or after the student's first birthday 

b) lab titer indicating immunity 

c) documentation of physician-diagnosed case of disease, if born before 1957 


a) written history of disease 

b) lab test indicating immunity 

c) 2 doses of varicella vaccine 

Hepatitis B 

a) immunizations (series of three immunizations required)

b) titers 

c) signed declination

d) form to document immunization history

B) Tuberculosis (TB) screening is to include an initial 2-step TB testing via Mantoux method, given 7-10 days apart (only one needs to be given if there is provided documentation of a negative one-step TB skin test within the 12 months of the TB screen); if positive reaction (equal to or greater than 10mm INDURATION), chest x-ray is to be performed, with no evidence of active disease in order to begin learning experiences. If there is history of a positive reaction, no TB test is to be given but the individual should have not have current signs and symptoms of TB, with documentation of negative chest x-ray within six months. If faculty or student currently has signs and symptoms of TB, a current and negative chest x-ray will be required prior to beginning the assigned (clinical) rotation, internship, or externship. 

C) Drug panel 154 urine drug screen must be completed with negative results within 30 days prior to student start date, with interpretation by a medical review officer as necessary. The urine drug screen will test for the following substances: 

  • Amphetamines 
  • Barbiturates 
  • Benzodiazepines 
  • Cannabinoids 
  • Cocaine 
  • Fentanyl 
  • Meperidine 
  • Oxycodone 
  • Methadone 
  • Opiates (Codeine, Morphine, Hdyrocodone, Hydromophone) 
  • Phencyclidine 
  • Propoxyphene 
  • Nicotine (cotinine):  for all instructors and students screened after April 10, 2011

Drug panel 154 screens are available through Scottsdale Healthcare Occupational Health or at any certified lab. If coming to Scottsdale Healthcare for the drug screen, an authorization form must be presented when requesting the screen.  Results for screens conducted at Scottsdale Healthcare are available 1-3 business days after the collection.  **Please contact your academic program representative for any details surrounding the drug screen collection specific to your program of study. If you will be participating in a drug screen at a certified lab other than at SLHN, please now that all screening and confirmation cut-off levels must match SLHN's.  For more info, please contact your school representative.**

Because this form must be signed by the Scottsdale Healthcare student programs coordinator, please submit a request for a Drug Screen Authorization form (within 30 days of your on-site start date).

If you represent a group of seven or more students who will be obtaining the drug screen at Scottsdale Healthcare, please ask your school representative for the Drug Screen Authorization form.

Drug screens at a Scottsdale Healthcare Occupational Health location are $42 (cash or check).  If a medical review officer interpretation is required following a screen, this is an additional $50.

D) Fingerprint Clearance Card: All students and faculty  assigned to Scottsdale Healthcare are required to obtain current fingerprint clearance cards from the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS). More information about the required Fingerprint Clearance Card can be found online at or by calling 602-223-2279. 

When requesting a fingerprint clearance card, please ask for a "Healthcare Student" card (which encompasses criminal and sex offender checks performed at the federal and state levels). In other words, per the Fingerprint Clearance Card application, students are to indicate that they are Health Sciences Students and Clinical Assistants (ARS 15-1881). When completing the Fingerprint Clearance Card application, please list your College/University (and its address) as the sponsoring agency. Scottsdale Healthcare is NOT the sponsoring agency. 

E) All students assigned to clinical areas for on-site learning experiences must obtain a current BLS (Basic Life Support) for Healthcare Providers certification. Certification must be from either an American Heart Association or an American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) approved training center. This requirement is waived for students who are learning in areas deemed to be non-clinical.

F) Flu shot: All students and faculty assigned to Scottsdale Healthcare for any on-site learning experiences beginning 10/1-3/30 of any year are required to demonstrate receipt of an influenza vaccine annually. If a faculty or student requests either a medical or religious exemption to this requirement, the appropriate form must be kept on-file at the educational institution. The flu shot exemption forms are available by clicking here. Schools are also required to provide monthly faculty and student exemption reports to SLHN student placement reps.

G) Appropriate level of education required for the students’ participation concerning OSHA, Bloodborne Pathogen Regulations, and Universal Blood and Body Fluids Precautions. 

Acquisition of all pre-admittance requirements (drug screening, fingerprint clearance cards, immunizations, and certifications) will not be the responsibility of Scottsdale Healthcare. All requirements must be met before on-site instructors or students begin their learning experiences at Scottsdale Healthcare. Results of all testing will be kept on-file at the educational institution. 

Students or faculty who do not comply with Scottsdale Healthcare policy in all above requirements will not utilize Scottsdale Healthcare for (clinical) rotations, internships, or externships. 

If you have completed all of the above requirements, the school representative verifies that this has been done (via the electronic Clinical Experience Requirement Form). The completion of student orientation is then coordinated. A student orientation will not be coordinated until all necessary requirements are on-file at the school and at Scottsdale Healthcare.