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Observation experiences at Scottsdale Healthcare are a great way to learn about a specific department or job at Scottsdale Healthcare. To maximize the experiences of patients and observers, observational periods are usually four hours in duration. Observation experiences are "hands-off" opportunities, regardless of an individual's training or education and are usually limited to no more than one shift of observation.

**Please note, if you are seeking a possible experience with a physician, PA, or post-baccalaureate nurse (such as a nurse practitioner), please contact Scottsdale Healthcare's Graduate Medical Education department at 480-323-3776.

To be considered for a potential experience, please complete the application below. When identifying three possible observation dates, please select dates that are at least two weeks after the date that this form is submitted.

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Observation information
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(**Draft must be submitted at least 1-2 business days before the paper or project is due at the school)

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When I click "submit" below, this form will be delivered electronically to Leah Hill, Student Programs Specialist. This form must be received at least two weeks before requested observation date. If your request is approved, an observer orientation will be coordinated. Proof of either a current negative TB skin test or a negative chest X-ray performed in the last 12 months is also required for all approved observation experiences. Proof of either of these tests must be shared with Leah.

By checking here, I acknowledge that the above information is accurate. I also authorize that this completed form and any additional relevant information may be shared with Scottsdale Healthcare staff members for the sole purpose of networking and possibly fulfilling my request for observation. I also authorize that if I am requesting an area such as the NICU, ICU, Emergency Department, Operating Rooms, or SANE that I am eighteen years or older (due to safety, infection control, and confidentiality issues).

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