Pre-Health Professions

BIO 390

Scottsdale Healthcare is a clinical affiliate with Arizona State University (ASU) for this program. You must be an ASU student and apply through the Pre-Health Professions office before you can register. Students must have completed 45 credit hours and have a minimum 3.2 GPA or instructor approval. Freshmen are not permitted to enroll. 

This course provides first-hand experience in the healthcare setting for today's pre-health student. The course is designed to test the student’s suitability for a career in medicine. This is accomplished by time spent in one of Scottsdale Healthcare's Emergency Departments at either Osborn or Shea (internships are not available at Thompson Peak at this time), augmented by classes held at ASU. In essence, this course tests the validity of the student's commitment. How students function in this environment illuminates both positive and negative non-cognitive characteristics. This opportunity accurately reveals interpersonal skills as well as exposes one’s attitude, maturity level, integrity, ability to accept responsibility, and common sense. Students with poorly developed non-cognitive characteristics may not succeed in this environment. A written evaluation of the student's performance is completed at the end of the semester. The evaluations are conducted by Emergency Department supervisors with input from staff personnel. Objectivity is imperative, as the evaluations are not given indiscriminately.

All students are graded by ASU on a pass/fail basis and if they pass, students will receive three semester hours of credit. 

Clinical Course Requirements 

  • --Please visit to review the student health and safety requirements needed to participate in the internship. Copies verifying all requirements have been completed must be submitted to the appropriate ASU Pre-Health representative (not to Scottsdale Healthcare). If the requirements are not completed at least one week prior to the on-site orientation, an internship at Scottsdale Healthcare will not be granted.

  • --The ASU Pre-Health representative determines internship eligibility and clinical agency assignment. Please contact this individual at ASU with any questions regarding eligibility or agency assignment preference.

  • --To participate in this class, you must complete a general orientation and attend an in-person department orientation. The general orientation requirements are completed through OCO (the centralized Online Clinical Orientation site). Students who are unable to complete the orientation assignments 48 hours prior to the in-person shift assignment lottery session will not be placed within the Scottsdale Healthcare Pre-Health Internship.

  • --The shift assignment lottery will be conducted on Thursday, January 23 at 4:00PM at the Osborn Medical Center, 7300 Building (7300 E. 4th St.), first floor conference room (near the southeast corner of the building). To view an Osborn Medical Center map and to locate visitor parking for orientation please visit Our Hospitals. Also, if a student arrives at or after 4:10PM, he/she will not be able to participate in the Scottsdale Healthcare Pre-Health student internship.

  • --All students must attend the Scottsdale Healthcare department orientation. No make-up orientation sessions will be scheduled. If a student is unable to attend this orientation, he/she will not be permitted to be placed at Scottsdale Healthcare for the Pre-Health student internship. The department orientations will be held on Thursday, January 23 at 5:30PM. The department orientations will be held at the campus locations that students select for their internships; please ensure that you have made previous and reliable transportation arrangements from the Osborn Medical Center to your selected internship site. Failure to report to your selected internship location by 5:40PM will result in internship cancellation.

  • --Internship shifts will begin on Sunday at 7:30AM during the week of January 26.

  • --ASU's Pre-Health representative must send the names of all participating students to the Scottsdale Healthcare Student Programs Coordinator at least two weeks prior to January 23. No student internships will be approved for hospital areas other than the Shea and Osborn Medical Center Emergency Departments due to liability and supervisory restrictions. To meet the clinical requirements for the Spring semester, each student must complete at least 120 clinical hours. Internship shifts that will be available are seven days per week at the following times:
    7:30AM - 7:30PM
    7:30PM - 7:30AM

  • --Before students can report for their first scheduled shifts, they must obtain a Scottsdale Healthcare student ID badge. Information about badging processes will be given at the orientation on January 23.

Uniform Requirements:

Please purchase a “V” neck scrub top, with either one pocket at the left breast or two hip pockets, in the color GRAPE (a shade of dark purple). Wear this scrub top with white or tan scrub pants, NO JEANS, and with soft soled shoes or tennis shoes, and socks. To participate in the January 23 orientation sessions, this uniform must be worn (students not wearing the required uniform will not be able to participate in orientation).

Your uniform may be purchased at any scrub shop location; however, to ensure that your scrub top is the appropriate shade of purple, please visit the following websites and see the GRAPE colored scrub tops (these are examples only): and