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Bariatric Surgery Clinical Trials & Research

How Can New Bariatric Innovations Benefit You?

As bariatric surgery for weight loss continues to increase in popularity, it's important to understand how new innovations and procedures benefit patients. Under the leadership of our nationally recognized physicians, Robin Blackstone, MD and James M. Swain, MD we investigate the tie between excess weight, the results of using investigational devices and the management of metabolic disorders associated with obesity.

In partnership with Scottsdale Healthcare Research Institute (SHRI) the Bariatric Research Program offers patients early access to new innovations and extended care to help the medical community understand the clinical outcomes from research. To date, The Bariatric Research Program has performed nearly 1,400 patient visits and 110 research procedures.

We offer a range of research studies including electric simulation devices that send a very specific amplitude and frequency signals to an “awake” patient’s stomach in order to suppress their appetite. Also, a device that uses silicone dual-balloon system is placed through a non-surgical (no incision) endoscopic procedure. This device is designed specifically to take up space in the stomach resulting in less food intake. This results in the patient feeling full and satisfied with smaller portions.

As we gain greater access to new bariatric innovations, we also build stronger relationships with our patients. SHRI’s Bariatric Research Program is a pioneer in obesity research directly impacting the health and well-being of our community as well as national and global populations.