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Military Partnership

Introduced in 2005, Scottsdale Healthcare's Military Training Program consists of the Readiness Skill Sustainment Training Program (RSSTP) and clinical rotations. The RSSTP is a 12-day course designed for military medical personnel to meet their Readiness Skills Verification requirements. Cilinical rotations are customized, hands-on experience enabling military personnel to practice skills needed, particularly in preparation for deployment. The program is a partnership with Maricopa Integrated Health System and offers trauma, burn, orthopedics, EMS ride along, wound care/hyperbaric, intensive care unit, pediatric trauma, behavioral health and operating room experiences. For more information, visit Scottsdale Healthcare's "Military Training" website.

"To participate in Scottsdale Healthcare’s Salute to Military, please fill out page 2 of the information sheet to the best of your knowledge."

Currently Serving
Prior Service/Retired

randy derrRandy Derr, RN

Captain, US Army Reserves
Clinical Educator
Phone: 480-882-5709
Mobile: 602-750-7787

Randy Derr joined Scottsdale Healthcare as an RN in Shea’s Cardiovascular ICU after graduating from Arizona State University with a BSN in 2000. In 2005, he moved to the ED at Shea and worked as a Supervisor until March of 2008. In his current assignment as a Clinical Educator, he is responsible for Military Training within the system. Randy is a member of the Emergency Nurse’s Association, and the United States Army Reserve Nurse Corps.

lenore portanteLenore Portante

Captain, US Army (Ret)
Military Educator Coordinator
Phone: 480-882-6577

Lenore Portante joined Scottsdale Healthcare in 2006 and was promoted to Military Education Coordinator in January 2008. Lenore retired from the US Army as a Captain in Dec 1999.