A Resource Guide for Patients & Visitors

Requesting Medical Records from Scottsdale Healthcare


Scottsdale Healthcare’s Health Information Management team is ready to assist you with accessing your health information from your recent visit at our hospital facilities. Please select from the following options below:

Patient Portal- Online Medical Records Access

Requesting Medical Records for Continued Care 

All Other Requests for Medical Records

Completing the Medical Records Release Form

Requesting Radiology Images

Patient Record Amendment Requests


Patient Portal – Online Medical Records Access

Every patient should have easy, ready access to his or her Personal Health Record (PHR).  Through the use of a secure internet portal, you will be able to access information about your recent inpatient visit, medications, procedures, test results and more.

  • All you need to activate this service is a valid email address.  You control your password and access. 
  • You may also share your information with others involved in your care. 
  • Within 36 hours of leaving the hospital, you will receive an email notification sent by Relay Health* to the email address you provided to our registration staff.
  • This email will include instructions on how to create your account and access your most recent inpatient visit information. 

Scottsdale Healthcare’s Patient Portal is powered by Relay Health* - a trusted name used by doctors and hospitals across the United States.  Relay Health assists us in exchanging health information with you. If you need any technical assistance, please call 1-866-RELAY-ME (1-866-735-2963) or visit their website at


Requesting Medical records for Continued Care

Upon request, we will send pertinent records to your physician for continued care at no charge. Pertinent records include:  

  • All dictated doctors reports including, but not limited to, the following: Discharge summary, Emergency room dictated reports, History and Physical, Consultations, Operative Reports, Cardiodiagnostic Reports, Cardiac Ultrasound, Stress Tests, TEE Reports, EEG Reports, Sleep Lab, Pulmonary Function reports.
  • Pathology Reports/Cytology Reports 
  • Implant Summary Sheets 
  • Labs 
  • Radiology Reports 
  • EKG 


All Other Request for Medical Records

  • A copy fee will be charged for copies if the number of pages exceeds 20 pages. 
  • We accept cash/debit or credit card payments which can be made in person or over the phone.
  • Any records request over 20 pages will be put on CD ONLY, cost is $20.00 per CD. 
  • If the records requested are in off-site storage, records can be put on CD, however it will be charged at a higher rate. 


Completing the Medical Records Release Form

To avoid delay in processing your records request, the Medical Records Release Form must be filled out completely. The following sections of the form are routinely not completed correctly. Please read the following 3 bullet points for guidance in completing the form: 

  • Section 1 identifies the patient: Please include date(s) of service needed. 
  • Section 1.A indicates who the records will be disclosed to: Please check whether records are to be mailed or picked up. Records can be faxed to a medical facility ONLY. 
  • In section 2 is a description of records to be released: Please be specific when indicating what information is needed. 
  • Please sign and date under Signature of Patient when patient is requesting records. 
  • If records are being requested by someone other than the patient, please provide proper documentation proving the right to patient’s medical records such as a Health Care/Medical Power of Attorney, a death certificate, guardianship, etc. The person listed in these documents must sign and date under Signature of Representative 


Requesting Radiology Images

If Radiology images are needed, please specify, otherwise only dictated reports will be provided. The fee for radiology CD’s is as follows: 

  • CD’s are free if taking to another Physician. 
  • For personal use: 
    • CDs 1-5 are $20.00 
    • CDs 6-10 are $5.00 each 
    • CDs 11-up are $1.00 each 


Patient Record Amendment Requests

Patients have the right to request Scottsdale Healthcare to have their medical record amended/corrected if he/she believes that the record entries have been made in error or are not reflective of actual events, data, or documentation. All requests to have patient records amended should be sent the Health Information Management Department and must have a completed Amendment Request form.

Please feel free to contact the Health Information Management Department if you have any questions at 480-882-4040