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Medical Financial Assistance Program at Scottsdale Healthcare

Do you need help with your hospital bill? 

We understand that at times, you are unable to pay your hospital bills in full. For that reason, Scottsdale Healthcare has established the Medical Financial Assistance program to provide discounts.  Are you uninsured and need help?  Click Insurance Marketplace - Uninsured and Need Help page for more information.

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If your family size is: And your family income is at or below:
1 $23,340 $35,010 $46,680
2 $31,460 $47,190  $62,920  
3 $39,580 $59,370  $79,160  
4 $47,700 $71,550  $95,400  
5 $55,820 $83,730  $111,640  
6 $63,940 $95,910  $127,880  
7 $72,060 $108,090  $144,120  
8 $80,180 $120,270  $160,360  
If the balance you owe is less than $25,000 you receive a discount of: 100% 77%  Not available
Or a discount of: (if the balance you owe is greater than $25,000) 100% 85% 77%  



Scottsdale Healthcare provides treatment for emergent and other urgent medically necessary care regardless of income level. These services are eligible for financial assistance. Services not available for financial assistance include Home Health, Family Practice, any package plan (e.g., Bone Marrow program, obstetrics, cosmetic surgery, bariatric or gastric banding surgery, etc). Pre-service procedures may require Charity committee approval. In an effort to ensure financial equality to our self pay patients, Scottsdale Healthcare offers a 50% discount to uninsured patients who pay their bill in full within for 14 days of discharge or prior to service for schedule procedures. A 35% discount is offered to those uninsured patients who set up a payment plan and pay their bill over time. See a financial counselor for more information or if you have questions.

General guidelines about the program: 

  1. Financial assistance granted must be for medically necessary care.
  2. Your eligibility will be based on your family’s income for the past 12 months, as well as any available assets that can be used to satisfy the debt. We will ask you to provide documentation about your income and assets, including savings accounts and investments. A reasonable amount of those assets may be applied to your bill before you will be considered for discounted or free care. Your patient financial counselor can assist you. 
  3. Discounted or free care will be approved and applied to the balance due only after all third-party insurance payments, worker’s compensation, public aid or other payments have been received. 
  4. We may ask you to apply for insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace and/or public assistance before granting a discount or free care. We will be happy to help you fill out application forms. Please let us know if you need this assistance.
  5. Initial applications for financial assistance should be received within 120 days of discharge. We will make every effort to determine if you are eligible for assistance within 30 days of receipt of your application and supporting documentation.
  6. The financial assistance discount does not apply where the patient secures a recovery on an injury claim, including but not limited to, situations where the Hospital has lien rights pursuant to A.R.S. Sections 33-931 – 33-934, meaning if there is a lien settlement Hospital will collect lien funds.

Please let us know! 

Please let your patient financial counselor or social worker know if you think you need assistance with your bill. We won’t necessarily know that you need help unless you tell us that you do. 

Applications for free or discounted care are administered on an individual basis, taking into consideration all of your specific circumstances and needs. If you are not accepted for financial assistance, you may appeal that decision to the Director of Patient Financial Services or the Chief Financial Officer. 

Forms needed for the program: 

  1. Financial Disclosure Worksheet - to print this form click here [English version] or Formulario Para Liberar Informacion Financiera click here [Spanish version] 
  2. AHCCCS Denial for Self Pay if available 
  3. Two Current Pay Stubs or Unemployment Verification both spouses 
  4. Two Current Months detailed Checking/Savings/Investment Statements for both spouses 
  5. Copy of most recent Tax Return 
  6. Copy of W-2’s for both applicants if applicable 
  7. Copy of Social Security Benefit Statement if applicable 
  8. Notarized Statement of Income Source & Amount (if unemployed & don’t file taxes)

Scottsdale Healthcare will perform the following for verification:

  1. Obtain Credit Report 
  2. Maricopa County Parcel Search

Other questions? 

If you still have questions, please feel free to call your patient representative at 602-445-3370 and tell them you want more information regarding the medical financial assistance program. We want you to understand all your options, and we will help wherever possible. 

Scottsdale Healthcare may modify or adjust this policy with respect to one or more of its hospitals in good faith if it believes that changed circumstances warrant such an adjustment. Financial assistance grants are limited to budgets in any given year. 

Contact Us: 

Scottsdale Healthcare 
Patient Financial Services Dept 
5111 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 275 
Scottsdale, AZ 85250 
Phone: 602-445-3370
Fax: 480-882-6081

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