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Kidz Klinic &
Other Sub-Specialty Services

Pediatric Sub-specialists are available to complement the care given by your pediatrician. The Kidz Klinic, conveniently located at the main entrance of Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Medical Center offers pediatric specialists in general surgery, orthopedic surgery, urology surgery, developmental care, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Comprehensive nutrition and family based weight management programs are also available. For more information please call 480-323-1200. 

Cardiology Services

Our Pediatric Cardiology Groups are passionate about providing the best possible clinical care to manage all forms of complex congenital or acquired heart disease from diagnosis through treatment including any required invasive or non-invasive procedures. Importantly, Our pediatric cardiologists work in concert with perinatologists, neonatologists, primary care physicians, pediatricians, pediatric surgeons to provide all patients with the highest degree of care. Please call 480-323-1200 for more details.

Diabetes / Endocrinology

Kidz KlinicA specialized pediatric endocrinology practice provides comprehensive inpatient and outpatient pediatric endocrine services to Scottsdale Healthcare. The practice has integrated its diabetes program with the Scottsdale Healthcare Diabetes Education Center. Because both practices are in the same location, they are able to offer full service to children and adolescents with diabetes and their families. Utmost attention is paid to customer service, and every effort is made to provide a kid- and family-friendly approach. The physicians do their best to keep on a timely schedule and are prompt about call-backs. The practice offers full service for pediatric endocrinology concerns, including diabetes, growth, puberty concerns, and other diagnoses. Southwest Pediatric Endocrinology also offers the latest in technological advances, such as various insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitoring, Supprelin LA implantation for management of precocious puberty, and electronic medical records that allow remote access from anywhere in the world to help provide up-to-date, coordinated care. 

Please call 480-323-4800 option 3 for more information. 

Developmental follow up for NICU graduates 

Infants who have been in an NICU are more likely than other infants to demonstrate various difficulties with their development. Providing evaluations in a periodic manner through follow up can identify any issues that a child may be showing at a very early age. This allows families to change how they are interacting with their infant and to engage early intervention and therapy services if needed. Once services are in place, ongoing visits monitor progress and any intervening needs can be identified. 

Visits are set up to investigate growth, feeding and sleeping behaviors and to assess developmental milestones and performance skills in motor, language, social and self help areas. Typically there can be 1-3 visits during the first year and then 2 visits during the second year with a 3 year old visit and pre-kindergarten visit if desired. The 3 year old visit looks very carefully at language and learning styles and the pre-kindergarten visit is to monitor for any learning difference that may be present that would impact a child’s success in school. Educating parents and caregivers at each visit about the specific needs of each child frequently can deal with any potential issue early and prevent bigger problems later on. 

For more information please call 480-323-1200. 

PT/OT/Speech Therapy Services

Pediatric TherapyScottsdale Healthcare offers skilled physical, occupational and speech therapists to meet your child’s needs. 

Physical Therapy promotes independent functioning and restoration of normal joint functions using specialized techniques, such as mobility and balance training, strengthening and sports/play therapy. Occupational Therapy addresses deficits hindering a child’s progression through normal development in activities of daily living, including play, self- care and leisure activities. Our upper extremity specialist treats orthopedic disorders and provides post-surgical rehabilitation. Speech Therapy provides treatment for speech/language, feeding and oral- motor skills. Audiology and Functional Esophograms ( Modified Barium Swallow Studies)are also available. 

For appointments or insurance questions call 480-323-3516.

Pediatric Endoscopy and Imaging Services

Specializing in the needs of children, Scottsdale Healthcare professionals can perform Endoscopy and radiology procedures on a regular basis. Sedation for endoscopy procedures is under the guidance of anesthesiology, and after-hours emergency endoscopy care is provided, as well. General Pediatric Imaging and Pediatric MRIs that require anesthesia can be scheduled. 

For more information, please call 480-323-1200.

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