Providing a Comprehensive, Personalized Approach to Your Rehabilitation

Swallowing, Speech and Voice Therapy 

Our Speech Therapy/Pathology Department evaluates and provides therapy for people with speech, language, reading, writing, mathematical, cognitive, voice and swallowing problems. These problems may be due to neurological, physical or functional changes in the brain, voice or swallow mechanisms. 

We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of: 

  • problems with talking, reading, writing, math computations, understanding, memory, reasoning, problem solving 
  • augmentative communication devices – “talking computers” or “talking machines” for people who cannot speak 
  • problems of the voice, i.e. hoarse voice, growths on the vocal cords or voice box, vocal cord dysfunction 
  • problems with swallowing and/or choking when eating and drinking, providing certified swallow therapy and Vital Stim therapy 
  • problems with voice and/or swallowing associated with cancer of the mouth, tongue or throat 

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