Providing a Comprehensive, Personalized Approach to Your Rehabilitation

Aquatic Physical Therapy 

Aquatic Physical TherapyAfter some injuries, it’s hard to even stand or sit. Pressure on your joints or your back can make daily living too painful. Aquatic therapy, or physical therapy in a pool, can be a valuable tool if you have trouble with weight-bearing activities. 

Water supports your body, making it easier for you to perform the physical therapy exercises that will help you heal. It decreases the stress on joints while muscles are being strengthened and stretched. And, because of this support, you can begin physical therapy earlier. The water’s support will help minimize pain. 

Because water completely surrounds the injured part of your body, it also applies light pressure on your body. This pressure can help decrease swelling. 

If returning to a sport is your goal, physical therapy in the water can provide a challenging workout while still protecting and supporting your injury. 

The pool used in your physical therapy is heated to help keep you relaxed and increase the blood flow to the injured area. This will also help you heal faster. 

Our therapists use aquatic treatment for back pain, ankle sprain/fracture, knee pain, neurological disorders, post surgical interventions and other issues. Aquatic treatment helps patients return to sports and other activities of daily living. 

Scottsdale Healthcare’s therapeutic pool provides one-on-one treatments in a private pool sized for just you and your therapist. Our physical therapists are trained in techniques specific to aquatic rehabilitation and will design an individualized program to meet your specific needs. Aquatic Therapy is available only at our Shea Medical Center Facility.