Get Back in the Game

The Route to No Pain

Tim Cooper

Persistent and increasing knee pain was making it difficult for Fed Ex Express delivery driver Tim Cooper to do his job.

After trying everything from naturopathic medicine to repeated injections, he finally turned to Scottsdale Healthcare and orthopedic surgeon Stefan Tarlow, MD for help.

Tim is certainly glad he did, too. “Now I can do my job without pain,” he says.

Tim’s knee problem stemmed from a high school football injury to the growth plate in his leg. This led to one leg being longer than the other, which ultimately was corrected through a leg lengthening surgery. The side effect of that surgery, however, was knee trouble that Tim was told would one day need to be resolved through a total knee replacement.

But Tim and his job couldn’t wait until “one day.” His knee pain continued to escalate?as did the number of times he was told he was too young for a knee replacement.

That is, until a co-worker told him about Dr. Tarlow.

With knee implants now designed to last longer and accommodate active lifestyles, Dr. Tarlow determined Tim was a good candidate for knee replacement surgery.

The operation was performed in August 2009 at Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak Hospital, where Tim said “the care was excellent.” Age 53 at the time, he was up and walking with the help of a walker the same day as his knee replacement surgery.

“Dr. Tarlow used a computer to line up the new knee so it would function like an actual knee. It’s specifically designed for active people and I’m told it will last 25 years,” said Tim.

He admits he was skeptical at first about knee replacement, especially since he’d also developed osteoarthritis in his knee. Now as he tends to the strenuous work of bending to pick up and set down packages and get in and out of his delivery truck, Tim is a grateful believer in Scottsdale Healthcare’s expert physicians and quality, compassionate orthopedic care.

“If you’re living with knee pain, replacement is the way to go,” he said.

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