Get Back in the Game

Still Putting His Best Foot Forward

Michael Gaspar

The moment he felt the snap, Phoenix police officer Michael Gaspar knew his ankle was broken. 

What he didn’t initially know was this: It wasn’t a simple break. But thanks to a Scottsdale Healthcare orthopedic expert, he wouldn’t have to give up being an avid runner. 

Michael was spinning around to bring a combative suspect to the ground when his right foot rolled and hit an area of raised concrete. 

“I had to keep fighting,” says Michael, who later was taken to a Phoenix hospital emergency room. 

There, Michael’s knowledge was confirmed. His ankle was X-rayed, declared broken and placed in a boot. He was given pain killers and told to consider having the ankle casted. 

Following a colleague’s recommendation, Michael went to see Scottsdale Healthcare orthopedic surgeon John Nassar, MD. 

“The X-rays in the ER showed my ankle was broken, but Dr. Nassar did a CT scan and discovered it was broken in two places. It wasn’t a clean break. It was a spiral fracture and the bone was twisted,” says Michael. 

He relied on Dr. Nassar’s knowledge and experience while deciding whether to have surgery or try to let his ankle heal on its own. 

“Dr. Nassar was very good. He treated me with respect, explained the pros and cons and answered all my questions,” says Michael. 

Ultimately, he underwent surgery and Dr. Nassar used an orthopedic plate and screws to repair Michael’s broken ankle. After undergoing rehabilitation and ongoing checkups by Dr. Nassar, Michael says his ankle now feels “100 percent.” 

In fact, he still runs as strongly as he did before his wrestling match with a suspect. 

“Dr. Nassar and his staff made it a very good experience. I’ve told several others about him,” says Michael.

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