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Preventing Peripheral Vascular Disease 

Steps to prevent PVD primarily are aimed at risk factor management. A PVD prevention program may include: 

  • smoking cessation, including avoidance of second hand smoke and use of tobacco products 
  • dietary modifications including reduced fat, cholesterol, and simple carbohydrates (such as sweets), and increased amounts of fruits and vegetables 
  • treatment of dyslipidemia (high blood cholesterol levels) with medications as determined by your physician 
  • weight reduction 
  • moderation in alcohol intake 
  • medications as determined by your physician to reduce your risk of blood clot formation 
  • exercise plan of a minimum of 30 minutes daily • control of diabetes mellitus 
  • control of hypertension (high blood pressure) 

A prevention plan for PVD may also be used to prevent or lessen the progress of PVD once it has been diagnosed. Consult your physician for diagnosis and treatment.