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Setting Her Own Pace 

Felicia Windsor

Felicia WindsorIt took a move to Arizona and a job at Scottsdale Healthcare, but for Felicia Windsor, the young Scottsdale woman was at the right place at the right time for the medical attention she needed. 

Felicia recently had a third cardiac ablation at Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn to correct heart problems that initially showed up when she was 15 years old. 

(In “ablation,” a form of energy renders a small section of damaged tissue inactive. This puts an end to arrhythmias that originated at the problem site.) 

At age 19, she was diagnosed with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia, a very fast beat in an otherwise normal heart rhythm. 

Growing up in California, Felicia had two ablations by the time she was 21. But complications that developed with the second procedure caused her distress. “I felt I was going to die,” she remembers. 

Daily restrictions to her life continued and she had to put up with many medications which proved to be a hassle. Moving to Scottsdale in 2006, she took a job in Scottsdale Healthcare’s Medical Staff office a year later, which proved fortuitous. Her assignments matched her with cardiovascular physicians and specialists, and as a result, she got to know the best. 

“I knew if anything happened again, I would be in very good hands,” she says. 

One day at work, something did happen again. She began feeling ill – shaky and unable to catch her breath. “It was like I was running a marathon, only I was sitting down,” she explains. 

After a doctor’s visit she was admitted to the Telemetry Unit at Scottsdale Healthcare Shea. She received anti-arrhythmic medication but that made her feel foggy. She was so exhausted she had a hard time functioning. 

Later, after another cardiologist visit, Felicia began considering a recommended third ablation. “I learned so much about Scottsdale Healthcare’s EP/Arrhythmia Center of Excellence that I knew I didn’t want to return to California,” she says. “I thought I had the best technologies, skilled talent and facilities right here in my own backyard.” 

She scheduled the next ablation at Scottsdale Healthcare Osborn. While doctors were performing the procedure, they determined she needed a pacemaker. Today, she’s living a normal life, off the medications and taking advantage of mountain biking and other outdoor activities popular in Arizona. 

She has pacemaker monitoring checks every three months. “Other than that, I have no restrictions,” she reports. “I finally feel young and ready to take on life.”

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