We Take Your Health to Heart

Nationally Recognized Heart Research

Our cardiologists participate in nationally recognized research and clinical trials that contribute to significant advancements in cardiovascular care.

  • First drug-eluting stent was developed at Shea Medical Center
  • First to implant a Bluetooth EKG monitoring device
  • First in the Southwest to implant MRI-safe pacemaker
  • First site in Arizona to offer Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) with the EdwardsTM SAPIEN Valve

Our principal investigators continue to bring a steady stream of new studies that are on the cusp of new technology and innovation. A variety of cardiac studies allow us to offer something for everyone. Our investigators choose which study will best meet the needs of our patients. Having been a participant in multiple national and international studies provides Scottsdale Healthcare with a better opportunity for participation in other major studies that will bring the latest and best practices for our patients.

Leading-edge Technology

Scottsdale Healthcare performed Arizona’s first procedure using a new technology called the LipiScan Coronary Imaging System to identify irregular and a deadly type of fatty material called lipid core-containing plaque.

This type of plaque, which builds up on the artery walls, cannot be detected by commonly used tests such as treadmill exams and coronary angiograms. It is believed to be “vulnerable plaque” or fatty plaque that ruptures, forming dangerous blood clots. Vulnerable plaque is suspected of causing most sudden cardiac deaths, strokes and non-fatal heart attacks.

The LipiScan Coronary Imaging System works by placing a catheter equipped with a fiber-optic laser light into the artery. The system shines near-infrared light through the blood to the artery wall and measures the light reflected back. Reflected wavelengths indicate how much fat and other substances are in the plaque in the illuminated portion of the wall. Knowing the composition of the plaque can help physicians provide appropriate treatment for managing the patient’s coronary artery disease.

Of the few centers in the world now using this technology, the Scottsdale Healthcare cardiovascular team is recognized as the most experienced in implementing it successfully.