Take Charge. Take Control.

What our Patients Say about Classes at Scottsdale Healthcare Diabetes Center 



“I liked the classes very much even though I have had diabetes for 18 years. The classes were empowering which is really important with this disease. I especially liked the carbohydrate counting class which gave me more freedom than I thought I could have with this disease.” 

“This program was wonderful. I must admit I was apprehensive at first, but I am so glad I came. The instructor made the material really interesting and presented it is a way that was easy to understand. I was never bored.” 

‘Prior to the class I had read a couple of books. However; I found the classes to be much more informative and understandable. After attending the classes, I have a much better idea of how to manage my diabetes.” 

“The friendly, no guilt, straight forward help changed my mind about my diabetes, eating healthy and exercising.” 

“The class was informative and cleared up questions and myths that I had gathered over the years. I finally got the guidance I needed. I think these classes should be required by all people diagnosed with diabetes. My blood sugar has already gone down.” 

“I like the sharing of knowledge by the other participants and the instructor’s professionalism and knowledge of diabetes. She spent time with me to personalize my diabetes regimen. 

“I liked the fact that we will be notified about a [2 and 12 month free] follow-up class once we have completed the 5 week class. The instructors are very willing to help and answer questions.” 

“I thought the class handouts and materials used in class were excellent. I really appreciated the non-preachy attitude of the instructors who were not only fun but very helpful and understanding of my individual needs. I highly recommend this class.” 

“I especially like the food content classes: the intensive carb counting and label reading.” 

“I was encouraged to bring a support person. My husband attended with me and really enjoyed the classes. It was helpful for him to learn what I was learning and has been beneficial in the management of his diet and cholesterol as well.” 


“I liked the fact that we could interact with the instructors. I loved their attitude and their ability to get a lot of information across in a very clear and understandable way. The time flew by.” 

“The instructor worked with me and my physician to recommend a medication adjustment which made a huge difference in how I felt.” 

“The instructor helped me to come to grips with the fact that I have diabetes. The class helped me to translate food labels and what they really mean so I could make wiser choices about the foods I buy for me and my family.” 

“The Instructors were positive, encouraging and helpful and were supportive even if you slipped a bit.”

“The instructor was very informative and presented the material in a fun and interactive way. She made it fun to learn and I will actually miss coming here every Thursday.” 

Ease of Scheduling and Make-up Classes 

“Due to changes in my schedule, I had more than one instructor. Each was as well versed as the other and all classes were coordinated. It is great to know who and where I can go in the future if I need additional help.” 

“I liked the follow-up call that I received when I missed a class and how easy it was to reschedule a make-up.” 


“My results were immediate after strictly following the instructor’s guidelines. My weight, blood glucose and blood pressure all came down.” 

“The class was very informative and empowering. My knowledge of diabetes was brought from Stone Age to the 21st century in only 5 weeks. The fear factor was dropped completely.” 

“Super experience. In the 5 weeks, I lost 13 lbs. More importantly, it gave me a goal for life. I have changed my eating habits permanently.” 

“This class way exceeded my expectations. I came to class very reluctantly. I had no idea what a “call to action” this class would be for me.” “The classes were very informative. They have kept me motivated and feeling positive about managing my diabetes. I wish everyone with diabetes would have an opportunity to come to these classes. I am certainly going to let my doctor know how great they were and to thank him for referring me.” 

“This class provided the best information I have ever received. I am walking out with a set of tools that will help me manage my own world.” 

“I truly believe that all individuals with Pre-Diabetes should take this class. Doctors should be advised that these classes are very informative and imperative for their patients to attend. So many individuals are under many misconceptions in regards to meal planning and diet for managing diabetes.” 

“I am glad I came to the diabetes education center. I have a good foundation to build on for controlling my health. Thank you.” 

”Utilizing the meal plan for weight loss, I was able to lose 15 pounds during the 5 week course. I went from knowing almost nothing to understanding what diabetes does to my body and why diet and exercise means to my glucose level.” 

“The information provided was well planned and excuted. The information was such that you could apply it to day to day life. Had I had something like this when I became diabetic, things would have been much better.” 

“This was a tremendous help in calming my fears about diabetes. I now am able to have control with my self care. I would suggest that any patient diagnosed with diabetes be told of these classes and immediately scheduled to attend.”