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Military Partnership
2012 Community Report  

Scottsdale Healthcare’s Military Partnership enables medical personnel from all branches of the armed forces to gain the skills and experience needed to perform successfully under deployed conditions.

Since its beginning in 2004, the Military Partnership has provided training to more than 2,250 participants. Training our troops locally so they can operate globally, Military Partnership training includes:

  • hands-on learning through high-tech human patient simulators
  • expert lectures
  • clinical rotations at Scottsdale Healthcare, the Maricopa Integrated Hospital System and Luke Air Force Base

In addition to the goal of bringing more of American’s soldiers home, the Military Partnership:

  • ensures that medical professionals are ready and able to assist at disaster sites and humanitarian missions around the world
  • builds relationships between Scottsdale Healthcare and military branches that can be beneficial in potential local emergency response situations
  • provides training to local paramedics and firefighters, as well as Scottsdale Healthcare staff, ensuring world-class care for our community

In fiscal year 2012, the Military Partnership participated in Angel Thunder, a U.S. Air Force search-and-rescue and medical evacuation exercise. Blackhawk air evac helicopters flew simulated victims to Scottsdale Healthcare, where they were quickly triaged as trauma patients by Scottsdale Healthcare staff. Such disaster drills help Scottsdale Healthcare maintain readiness for providing medical care during a crisis or mass casualty event.

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