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Environmental Health
2012 Community Health

Scottsdale Healthcare is committed to the health of our planet. Our sustainability achievements include:

  • Confidential documents are shredded on-site. During fiscal year 2012, 290 tons of paper were shredded, bundled and sold to an outside firm for recycling.
  • Recycling of paper, plastic, cardboard, metal, medical sharps and computer parts has increased and is now system wide.
  • In fiscal year 2012, Scottsdale Healthcare kept nearly 10,000 pounds of waste out of landfills by remanufacturing certain medical devices.
  • Printing in fiscal year 2012 dropped 8.6 percent from the year prior, saving more than 3 million pieces of paper.
  • LED lights are being incorporated into our facility. These lights last longer and use 20 percent of the energy of standard lights.

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