We Take Your Fight With Cancer Personally

Gynecologic Oncology Surgery

Dr. Janicek

Women’s Health and Healing Unit

Women undergoing treatment for cancer can find a comforting environment in the Women’s Health and Healing Unit at Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak Hospital. Located on the second floor of the hospital, this special place supports the needs of women receiving treatment for gynecologic cancer including ovarian, uterine and cervical cancer. 

“In terms of a medical facility, Thompson Peak is very different and unique. The hospital represents a sanctuary – it not only has the latest in high tech equipment, but it’s a comforting place as well,” says Mike Janicek, MD, Gynecologic Oncologist. “For me and my patients, Thompson Peak Hospital really combines the best of both worlds – the small hospital experience with the medical expertise of a larger facility.” 

Dr. Janicek is Medical Director of the unit, in addition to his role as Medical Director of the Genetic Risk Assessment Program at the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center. He is also one of the Valley’s few gynecologic oncologists. His leadership of the Women’s Health and Healing Unit is a true testament to his dedication to patients and to Thompson Peak Hospital. “Many of these patients are traumatized, going through a physical as well as an emotional difficult time,” he adds. “This unit helps with their journey. It’s not as much about the bricks and mortar as it is about the staff and the way they treat patients. The nursing staff, the operating room team - everyone here is phenomenal. The unit also has a dedicated Nurse Practitioner who brings an added layer of care and comfort. Many patients have to be re-admitted several times and it gives them such a sense of comfort coming back to a place and people they know and trust.” 

Please contact our Cancer Care Coordinator for more information about our Women's Health and Healing Unit
at 480-323-1255 (or call toll-free: 1-877-273-3639).