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The Balance and Vestibular Center at Osborn Medical Center 

Balance and Vestibular at Scottsdale Healthcare

Because Balance is something the body does automatically, we often take it for granted. Vital in our everyday lives, balance is used to get out of a chair, walk, bend over and put on your shoes, wash your hair and drive a car. Just about every daily activity from work to leisure requires balance. Balance problems can cause profound disruptions in your daily life. You may have the sensation of being unsteady, have bouts of dizziness lasting seconds to days or had a recent fall. Balance problems can increase your risk for falls and broken bones, shorten your attention span, disrupt normal sleep patterns and cause excessive fatigue. 

Balance and Vestibular at Scottsdale HealthcareThe good news is your balance can be improved. Contrary to common belief, loss of balance and mobility are not inevitable as we grow older. Scottsdale Healthcare’s Balance and Vestibular Center at Osborn Medical Center can help. Our specialists are trained in the evaluation and treatment of balance disorders. These experts design treatment plans to meet each individual’s needs and can help you regain control of your life. 



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